This is the end of our 4+ hour Pride Parade here in San Francisco



    no more Rift for the coming decade 😇 the tomorrow WOMEN on the coming decade* 👸👩‍🦰👧👩🧓😋, on real time👽 the real revolution equality between men & women; is to have sex amongst themselves & “ a National sex party” not just a gay parade, women & men get to know each other’s. after that you can claim DEMOCRACY both are equal. Global sex party is just trial and error* The ZENITH OF PLEASURE.

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  3. I actually like it unedited because I like long videos, especially gay ones. I watched this right to the end and I like the added bonus of riding the subway/Muni! I also liked that you walked around and filmed the people watching the parade. Good work, Micheal! Thanks for posting it!

  4. We went early and left early since we (I) decided to bring Lola along. We were able to avoid the throngs of people that came later on. Thanks for the share…

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