GAY PORNSTAR RIO (HD) the BARE Naked Truth Blatino Oasis Sex, Love & More! Info

Rio finally decides to let it all hang out with Aconnectiontv. This man is humble and sexy. Check out this interview! Rio does not have an Instagram so sorry for everyone that wants to follow an IG account. Leave comments below!






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  1. hey guys I'm James Gifford. I'm going to be in Orlando in June and I am Gay so can someone tell me what there is to do in Orlando. is there any glory holes or masure in Orlando? what is club Orlando like?

  2. Is it implicit that most of these porn stars who do bareback are in fact hiv+? I know it's never discussed. They cannot be doing all that raw sex and not be exposed somewhere along the line….. I'm just asking a question.

  3. Why you have interviewees sound so low, so imbalance, when turn louder to here what others say but then next thing you know so loud from you, so annoying due not want my housemate know but then hard to here others saying.

  4. This dude's tattoos and how they are placed on his body are nice. πŸ™‚ Cool how Rio is working towards the career of Anesthesiology. Thank you for the interview.

  5. I like Rio. Even if this interview had gone bad, I'd still like his scenes. I don't know what the "infatuation" is for XL..I don't care for his scenes, but I'll wait until I see an interview with him to give my opinion of him. So far, all of the interviews I've seen you do with porn stars, they seem to all like XL. To me, he isn't much of a "looker." I'll assume it's his personality.

  6. Hi. I'm from Africa and I really wanna meet Rio. I only have a 8 days left before I head back to Africa. Aconnectiontv please help me meet up with Rio. He so sexy it hurts. It hurts also that I am here in America but I may possibly not meet him. Pleaseee anyone help me out meet this sexy and humbly sweet guy. I'm in Washington DC I really wanna meet him before I go back.

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