1. Emily Amma's my Mom & I'm using her h/p 2 go thru.U-tube.
    I'm Benhur,n older guy.
    I love this Gay Hot Video!Being a Homosexual,I say this hot kissing scene's truly artistic, romantic & powerfully passionate!
    Do all the gays & homosexuals that I c in these videos have 2 b young & handsome,something like in their mid20s & 30s?
    How abt.guys who r normal-looking?Like me!
    The way I c it,nowadays these type of guys go 4 the looks,the body,how big ur dick is & of course,$ & cts.!
    They don't care abt.what's on the inside – the heart,mind & soul!It's only the outward appearance they're attracted 2, sex & lust!
    Nobody gives a damn abt.love, care & share or LTR (Long-term relationship)!It's always a 1nite-stand or "feeding frenzy" – fr.1 guy 2 another,etc!

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