A CALIFORNIAN pastor has opened up about her former career as one of the world’s most successful porn stars, and her path to finding God. Brittni De La Mora and her husband Richard, both 31, preach the gospel at Cornerstone Church in San Diego, but six years ago her life was very different. Under her stage name, Jenna Presley, Brittni was ranked one of the world’s hottest female adult performers, and was earning around $30,000 a month, but was in the depths of drug addiction and suicidal thoughts. Having started going to church and got clean, Brittni now goes into porn conventions to preach the Bible’s teachings to adult movie performers, and has written two relationship books with her husband.

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  1. The past life may still bring memories to those who have watched her videos but with time, the good she has overcome will override the negative thoughts in people's minds

  2. i don't understand why some ppl said her convert is fake.
    Isn't it should be a good news if God found one of His lost sheep?

    yeah, there some imperfection on her testimony such as:
    -the Rev verse actually is a metaphore for paganism. But the real sexual immortality also part of paganism (sins against God).

    -"Jesus loves pornstars". the title itself is controversial, but how can we judge only the title? in fact Jesus loves all people.
    It will be wrong if in her book, she only say "Jesus loves pornstar" without tell them to repent. Because Jesus in the Gospel always do that. He hangout with sinned ppl, but always tell them to repent too.

    -She said that she doesn't regret her past. As we know from the NT, the apostle teach us that they regret their past.
    But we can't sure what she mean by that.
    Does she mean she doesn't want her past to haunted her? If so, it's only a bad communication then.
    If not, it's only an imperfection of her understanding. Because after all, she was repent from adultery. So if she repent, actually she was regreting her past, at least at that moment.
    Maybe the statement "she doesn't regreting her past" only an illusion, where she failed to understand that she actually regret her past. I think the devil still try to make her fail, confusing her with worldly mindset.

    -she said if u can't just tell a pornstar that they're going to hell. It doesn't work, she said.
    Yeah, she's wrong but she's right too. But i think it just her imperfect understanding of how God works.
    I think she forget how harsh was the verse God gave her on Rev. That verse mentions punishment.
    Each person has a different way to be repent.
    Just like athletes, some find encouragement when the coach speak nicely to him/her, some find it when the coach just give it forward to them, even with harsh words.
    She is right with becoming friends with them, just like Jesus did.
    But she must remember, after Jesus become their friend, He always teach them how to please God.
    And also after they become believers, Jesus through His apostles gives various warns against sins.
    I hope she does the same.

  3. I'm so glad she got out of the industry. God will meet you wherever you are at that time no matter how horrible it might seem. Brittany found not only God, but a wonderful husband who didn't judge her past. I hope that she continues to help others to get out of the industry and to bring Jesus Christ to all of them. I really give her a lot of credit for doing what she's done. and I praise Jesus Christ for finding her and showing her that there is always another way.

  4. A lot of Pornstars have died over the years from drugs, HIV or even murdered or suicide and people don;t want to leave the world not knowing who Jesus is and everyone of us are born into the sins of the world and I'm glad for what Brittini has done and God can change anyone just by asking him in pray.

  5. Do yourself a favor and don't bother reading the comments. It's just a bunch of heathens saying 'she went from one questionable business to another' or 'most of her congregation must be men who want her' nonsense. Anyway I'm so happy for her that she got out of that industry and is helping others now.

  6. Being human really sucks sometimes. To have regulations on everything especially libido. We can never be our natural selves. If God is real then he should never have made man. The dinosaurs would have been good enough.

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