Watch as beautiful women all over the country STARE at my free-balling bulge in public!

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I enjoy & am most comfortable wearing my athletic pants/shorts with no underwear… I’m a very attractive 6′, 38 year old black/hispanic man. So consequently enough, over the years I’ve always noticed women of all types staring at me & my huge 9″ bulge in random public places. Sometimes with no shame. Lol Now I decided to start recording them to show their reactions.

This is all done out of FUN & not intended to hurt or disrespect anyone. I have the freedom to record in public & it IS NOT A CRIME. Also, I’m not showing ANYTHING explicit.

More videos coming often! Subscribe to my channel to see more footage!


  1. I wouldn't have the guts to walk into a shopping mall with a camera and film women who I think may be looking at my crotch! What kind of proof do you have that they're looking at your crotch without asking them?

  2. I watched your other so called site that you recommended , same thing it limp 🍆. You are asking for money 💰 you are in the deceiving act to get YouTube viewers and Promote your other channel.

  3. Good videos, but you also could be using the old 🥒 cucumber are a banana 🍌 and maybe a rubber dong🍆 in your pants to get the reaction you are getting, I’m blessed and my package can be seen if I choose to make it .

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