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John Milhiser, Oscar Montoya, and Christine Medrano join guest host Grant to talk drag and “types.”


  1. Aye quick question, so I have no damn clue if I am gay or bi or some thing, but I have had romantic feelings to the opposite gender and sexual feelings towards the same as me, however it is that it was only one for the same and all that and I have been freaking out for a year since. Pls help.

  2. i never heard queer as a slur growing up, so using it only has positive connotations to me, as opposed to gay, which when i grew up was used for anything that had a negative connotation. From slightly annoying to disgusting and wrong. But i feel completely comfortable with gay as well so i guess i am lucky for that haha maybe because growing up, even if used as a terrible thing, people already identified in a positive way with that word, so i associate both the bad connotations and the good ones depending on the tone πŸ€”

  3. I am so glad that I am not the only one that feels like Queer isn't the best general word for our community. I have recently figured out that our community is the largest in all of the communities out there. We are everything and everywhere.
    My general term is Rainbow. I am Human first, Rainbow second, and LGBT+ is for personal identifiers to help each person figure out their own path in life, similar to dork, geek, nerd.
    I also personally feel like the people who don't belong in our community are people who don't believe in equality and are holding others back and wasting our time with fighting over things that are basic human rights

  4. On the topic of queer, I like it for myself (general term I can use to mean "definitely not straight"), but I also describe myself as "bi-queer-pan-whatever" in case someone I'm talking to feels uncomfortable with using queer, they can use one of the others.

  5. i was trying to figure out where i knew john milhiser from. and then it clicked.
    He played "the straightest guy ever" in that sketch about the "straightest guy ever".

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