Hundreds of opponents of the #Poland’s #LGBT community attempted to disrupt the first ever LGBT pride parade held in the eastern Polish city of #Bialystok on Saturday. According to police officials cited by local media, a number of people were detained as they tried to block the march and for allegedly using firecrackers and throwing bottles.



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  1. Neanderthal general mindsets of Eastern European’s, yet another reason why Poland and the rest of the eastern block countries should have been left with communist rule. Give these people democracy and freedom and this is what happens, they are not ready for democracy, some are of course but as nations they are just not ready

  2. As god has taught me that gay, lesbian and trans is morally wrong. But I suppose that makes me a bad person in this day and age. Man should be with woman. This is my religious belief so dont crucify me for that. Sodom and gomorrah comes to mind and look what happened there.

  3. I don't think gays should be discriminated against but I also don't think they should flaunt their lifestyle to everyone, especially children. This parade is undoubtedly sponsored by George Soros and his "open society."

  4. It remember me the moment where I have done my coming out. People were so emotional and I was always feeling that they were more concerned about my sexuality than myself…

  5. I say this: let everyone do his thing as long as he doesn't harm anybody whats the point?
    Nobody wants to be told what to think what to like and how to act…
    RESPECT every living being, except murderers, rapists and so son…

  6. LGBTQ is a modern day form NAZI social Engineering worldwide the real threat is overthrowing the natural order that God intended.Its all part of the Antichrist system……..

  7. This is a disgrace on Poland. This is why you’ll never be a great nation. You are WEAK, unlike these brave LGBT Pride marchers, who risk their own safety to fight for their rights.


  8. I'm gay too,and i hate lgbt parades.. from my point of view,sexuality have nothing to do with showing it in public placeses .I think that kissing your partener in public is sth disgusting even if you are gay or straight

  9. Every country need time to be civilized, to know about gays. 15 years ago, nobody thought that the US would legalise same-sex marriage. In 2004, 21% americans supported SSM, in 2019, 68% americans support it. In 2019, 41% polish support SSM, in 2029…

  10. Well, there are 411 gay parades this year in the world with one hundred millions people participating,including 20 parades in Poland. That's a normal thing that one or two parades have problems because nothing is perfect. There are 500 millions LGBT and billions supporters in the world, we aren't afraid of some extremists, neo-nazists like that. Proud to be LGBT.

  11. They tried to do this in turkey too, a muslim country, a religion that disapproves of something as lgbt, yet they wanted to spread the word, they have been countered with rubber bullets and water hoses

  12. I'm not anti LGBT people by a long shot, but the LGBT movement is an anti-human, anti-reproduction establishment hate movement that only exists to exclude straight people.

    The Polish are 100% right to oppose this agenda. The LGBT movement is anti-straight hate.

  13. Hide your rainbow pricks, Spanish Inquisition is back to stay and will gag your sorry arses with moth balls prior to storage in Area 51 warehouse. The lgbt Things are being banned back to oblivion where crying and teeth grinding sounds are prevalent! Amen!

  14. Most of LGTB people marching the street here hve been driven from other Polish towns by buses -many buses parked with LGTB before parade.. This is well organized LGTB movement NOT spontanious Movement! Most people in Poland (including me) have no problem with LGTB people and their sex life ,etc -BUT I am not interested in LGTB sex life in the streets nor my kids!

  15. Zionists are kidnaping Europe’s Culture by imposing the their Satanic Talmudic Babylonian Religion creating a Sodom And Gomorrah Society
    Order out of Chaos

  16. It's because they know how it starts. They know how an agenda gets under the skin of society and destroys it. Be gay, be trans, be a citizen. You are all equal under the same law. DO NOT try and subvert Western Civilization and let identity politics permeate your democracy- or you'll cease to exist. The Polish know this already.

  17. Poland has now regressed to its Soviet past. That place was always known for an especially vehement and venal suppression of true freedom as seen against Solidarity activists. What is the fascination the police have for the LGBT groupings to the detriment of all else?

  18. the Polish people fought against the Nazis with sticks and a few guns, the boy scouts and girls fought hard against fascism, the Nazis bombed them this citizen army but still they fought on, they sent in tanks with Polish beaten women walking in front of the tanks and the army just couldn't bring themselves to fight so they used the drains and tunnels, the Russians stood by while the Nazis killed hundreds of thousands the Americans air lifted supplies but dropped them mistakenly on the German side, no one helped them man woman and child fought sie by side to the death. Eventually they were defeate most were shot and thousands were sent to concentration camps. Then the Nazis levelled Warsaw to the ground they wanted to eradicate it Most of Warsaw now is replicas of what the city once was. Then the Russians defeatedthe Germans and Stalin took oever killing millions and stopping religious practise. Now do you think that the people of Poland should allow a socialist/ marxist group fronting as a gay rights group march in their streets, where the blood of their martyrs gladly poured out their blood for the freedom of Poland. No don't give an inch, these lgbqt are the biggest fascist and most powerful lobby in Europe and it is falling apart. Pedophelia is at its heart, it is satanic.

  19. wow, theres a lot more sexual dimorphism in the west than the east. In the east, the gender ratios of both sides would be more even than that.

  20. Remember South Africa is known as the rainbow nation,it has fallen apart and whites are being murdered and there land taken by the government, turn the people gay they will be easier to manipulate then bring in other cultures to take over!

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