Next Door Studios brings you an exclusive interview with porn star, Donny Wright. Hear about your favorite stars first time having sex, what they enjoy, how they became a porn star and what it’s like working in the porn industry and so many hot men, jocks and twinks like themselves.


  1. Wow could CochilocoAhuevo be any more retarded. It clearly says "my DADS gf" you fucking idiot. Donny is gay. You are just going to have to deal with the fact that some attractive men are gay. And no, most gay porn stars aren't straight. Most gay porn stars who work at Next Door Studios are straight, and other studios like them that have a straight-guy gimmick. But at regular studios, most are gay or bi. And no heterosexual gay porn star will lie and say he's gay, because self-loathing idiots like you are obsessed with gay for pay and they will actually get more fans by being straight. That's why there are whole studios (and many of them) with the actual WORD straight in the company name.

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