1. Dublin Shame 2019 – LGBT ideology is a Marxists' vomit.
    Stop discrimination of the majority by sexual minorities !!!
    Kids on sexual parade ??? It's a nonphysical sexual harassment of unaware kids and crypto-pedophilia.

  2. 1 Corinthians 6_9:10 NIV version, please repent before is too late. John 3:16 God love the whole world that he gave his only begotten son (Jesus) who ever believe will have ever lasting life. Hell is real Heaven is real, accept Jesus Christ today so that we may be saved from hell fire amen. This comes from a loving heart to you thanks

  3. These extremists have taken the joy out of pride, seems every issue under the sun is dumped under the lgbt umbrella. There was this corporate one or the alt one with antifa, it's hard to be apart of this community these days especially if u don't think like them.

  4. Alex Oliveira
    – very good recording.. from beginning and nice ending of girl on o connell monument
    Go on Ireland !! it looked like a wonderful celebrational summers day for all diversity of Ireland xxx

  5. You don't understand what you are celebrating PEOPLE!!! WAKE UP!
    Take the vale off your eyes please! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ 🙏 and Repent….We supposed to celebrate Famaly, Community, God's law. Don't you see that you are ruining what's is holy!

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