Recognizing that a gay guy is interested in you can be as simple as seeing if he tries to subtly touch you or if he listens closely to what you say. Find out how to react to a man giving signals of interest with advice from a dating coach in this free video on dating tips.

Expert: Donna Barnes
Bio: Donna Barnes is a professional life coach, relationship expert, television host, author, columnist and producer, based in New York City.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller


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  13. ok i need help…so there is this guy we've been talking every single day for 2 months we had one date and a lot of hook ups and sex but when we first met i told him im not looking for any thing serious…but i started to like him and i told him that but he kinda freaked out so we never talked about it again but we continued to hook up what does that mean…and he is still in the closet !!! HELP

  14. theres this guy who kissed me like thousands of time. he is very popular in our school. He has a girlfriend. he even talk to me about girlfriend and behaves like he is interested only in girls and sometimes he behave he is not. he even calls me bro……….. now i'm fed up. guys if i get 25 thumbs up than i'll tell him i like him.

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