Kaden Alexander is back, and this popular model has been one busy guy since we last saw him a few years ago! Between managing a company, doing scenes with other studios, and making some big life choices, Kaden comes back to us with a lot more wisdom and maturity than when he left. He shares some of that wisdom with us and also some of his thoughts on his work with other studios, the BSB TV show, being a biracial performer in a predominantly caucasian studio, and what he plans to bring back to BSB. Kaden’s energy and experience will serve him well as he gets back into the swing of things with us!

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  1. Kaden is my absolute favorite! I love the diversity and energy he always brings to each scene. Seeing how he's grown as a performer is also entertainment in itself.

  2. Kaden you're the best! You were always the freest spirited guy which made you the sexiest guy to watch. The thing that makes you even more unique is that your up to do anything and you somehow find a way to make it fun! You'll always be my favorite! Thank you for entertaining us throughout the years, you're the best bro!

  3. LOL…oh the accidental shade "…I like him a lot better now…". Dying with laughter here, only someone who knows both parties could truly make/understand that statement and the laughter that followed. I am so happy that Kaden is back at BSB. I just watched his scene with Zac Covington and it was amazing. Welcome back handsome!!

  4. i saw and watched your video and in your last video you said interaction with the models. If you want interaction which I would like to interact then make it possible for somebody and everybody to interact on here or through Gmail because there are some things are like to know about your models

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