| Bermuda | Bermuda Pride Parade, August 31 2019
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  1. Notice the sea of white people who obviously don't live in Bermuda!!! Seriously the only possible descendant of a slave was the paid singer. So how is this truly Bermuda when no Bermudian's are any where to be found?

  2. And you cant just use any signs you want because sometimes u r disrespecting some religion's you ever thought about that
    Bout uno a use rainbow fi gay (batty man) sign god a come fi di world uno mus know

  3. I live in Bermuda I remember when we protested things like this and now it is celebrated why. And how dare they play bob marley he was a Jamaican and they don’t like things like this because of slavery when strong black men were rapped. And all of these other songs stop disrespecting their legacies with this madness.

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