These days people hold very strong opinions about wearing masks, especially when it comes to others, but try mentioning that what they put in the mouth behind …


  1. Great interview – this is the biggest single and most murderous scandal perpetrated on humanity ever. The food and drug industry are controlling the dietary guidelines demonising saturated fat and promoting low fat sugar filled ( ie carbs) toxic vegetable fat filled junk. Then there is the small we’ll massively huge question of the Seventh day Adventist’ church who are behind the cereal industry and the anti meat message ( plant based propaganda )- For the last year I have been following a keto high quality fat ( don’t eat omega 6’s found in supposed vegetable oils as they will kill you )very low carb diet and weight has fallen off and I feel amazing – no more arthritic knee pain , no inflamed gums-, I feel incredible . I used to run 16k a week but I never lost weight and That’s why my knees are shot. I run about 6k every other week yes I should do more but not to loose weight, Yet I see repeatedly every where in the press I’m doing harm to myself – the people saying I’m wrong are the fat obese carb loading spokesmen at the WHO and national governments.i expect that your employer will soon sack you and this will be taken down. I’ve seen these interviews over the last few years ( eg on the ABC in Australia who criticised government dietary policy – the reporter was sacked and an apology issued by the ABC retracting the story as irresponsible) This is murderous and makes me so angry

  2. Our weight and condition of our body is primarily a health matter ( its often slack muscle rather than fat ) – we shouldnt be striving to attain a certain body type : everyone is built differently .

    we should consider how well we are taking care of ourselves – what we are doing or not doing for this purpose – if we are unhappy with our physical condition .

    An addiction to anything is a symptom of a problem ie emotional torment .

    The ' thing ' is NOT the problem ; liking something a lot or liking a lot of something is not necesssrily an addiction .

    And no one chooses emotional torment .

    we resort to whatever to the extent or pursue whatever in a way that is potentially damaging and self-destructive and we dont care – to seek cold comfort escapism or misguided sense of control in our lives .

    Its about mental health.

    The big mental health disease in the world is a sanctimonious self satisfied condemning attitude towards other people.

    Compassion is needed including towards ourselves : Managing our mental health involves respecting our common humanity.

    Yes we need to have humility to admit we have issues – how life gets demoralising and events leave us feeling aggrieved and angry – to start to address them constructively . Some habits can lead to behaviours that might start to impact badly on others, and people will fast lose sympathy if we are arrogantly in denial while wreaking havoc .

    But we should seek to deal with life more authentically – fostering our self respect and dignity – so we don't cheat ourselves out of living – * not * because we fear being an ' inconvenience ' to others

    Right wing government – which make peoples basic economic situation precarious – including effecting degrading treatment threats and punishments while we try to gain an income – will compound peoples everyday problems – the personal , domestic griefs and tragedies people can face – before they offer appropriate help to ease any . Its despicable .

  3. "high quality carbohydrates"?????????????????? there is no such thing. CARBOHYDRATE = GLUCOSE = SUGAR. Table sugar is literally 50% glucose 50% fructose. carbohydrates are nothing more than chains of sugars.
    what he means by "high quality" is SLOW ACTING sugar. sure, eating rice or beans is not as harmful as eating a donut… that doesn't mean it's not harmful at all, and it's certainly no "high quality" food lol…

    "hey, maybe he meant low carb veggies?"… i guess he just conveniently forgot about eating fat then…

    he purposefully missed the most important point, which is THE VAST MAJORITY OF YOUR ENERGY NEEDS SHOULD COME FROM FAT. NOT CARBOHYDRATES. NOT SUGAR. FAT.

    "high quality carbohydrates"……… smh. nice missleading way to put it.
    gotta help people a little, but never so much that the profit stops coming huh? profit comes first, always.
    i guess this is the world we live in 🙂 u keep your bestSELLING ways buddy!

  4. Another excellent discussion from that most excellent presenter, Oksana.
    As the world has gotten smaller it has, over recent generations especially, been increasingly easy for the pillars of industry to have a world-wide, versus a local domination. The psycopathy of the sought money/conttol/power pursuit shows in every area of human activity and expenditure. Since this prevails in all spheres, it actually would make no sense if the health industry were not equally tainted and thoroughly corrupted by the love of money dynamic.
    I live a natural life in the Costa Rican rainforest, now for 30 years. At 64 I can say that I feel like when I was 30, my body looking the same. These are choices. They are available for us all to make.

  5. You're all over it Oksana.
    As another gift from Russia; Ayn Rand rightly said; Emanuel Kant and his ilk are an evil to mankind because they allow people to find excuses to fail.
    You are right Oksana, it's all up Choice: FFS; Choose!

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