This is a list of p*rn movie stars (adult entertainers) that died too soon from 1975 to 2018.

1. Claudia Fielers (1946 – 1975)
Real Name: Anita Waldhofen

2. Mary Millington (1945 – 1979)
Real Name: Mary Ruth Maxted

3. Shauna Grant (1963 – 1984)
Real Name: Colleen Marie Applegate

4. Fred Halsted (1941 – 1989)

5. Megan Leigh (1964 – 1990)
Real Name: Michelle Marie Schei

6. Kelly Jean Van Dyke (1958 – 1991)

7. Savannah (1970 – 1994)
Real Name: Shannon Michelle Wilsey

8. Alex Jordan (1963 – 1995)

9. Linda Lovelace (1949 – 2002)
Real Name: Linda Susan Boreman

10. Naughtia Child (1979 – 2002)
Real Name: Megan Serbian

11. Taylor Summers (1981 – 2004)
Real Name: Natel King

12. Johnny Rahm (1965 – 2004)
Real Name: Barry J.T. Rogers

13. Lance Heywood (1964 – 2005)

14. Tim Barnett (1968 – 2005)
Real Name: Bradford Thomas Wagner

15. Karen Lancaume (1973 – 2005)
Real Name: Karine Bach

16. Jon Dough (1962 – 2006)
Real Name: Chester Anuszak

17. Angela Devi (1975 – 2006)
Real Name: Angela Shunali Dhingra

18. Clarissa Doll (1979 – 2006)
Real Name: Clarissa Dana Biere

19. Haley Paige (1981 – 2007)
Real Name: Maryam Haley

20. Kent North (1981 – 2007)
Real Name: Ben Grey

21. Dustin Michaels (1986 – 2009)
Real Name: Andrew Grande

22. Leila Lopes Gomes (1959 – 2009)

23. Felicia Tang (1977 – 2009)
Real Name: Felicia Lee

24. Steve Driver (1976 – 2010)
Real Name: Stephen Hill

25. Sledge Hammer (1973 – 2012)
Real Name: Marland Anderson

26. Arpad Miklos (1967 – 2013)
Real Name: Peter Kozma

27. Alyssa Funke (1995 – 2014)

28. August Ames (1994 – 2017)
Real Name: Mercedes Grabowski

29. Yuri Luv (1986 – 2017)
Real Name: Yurizan Beltran

30. Shyla Stylez (1982 – 2017)
Real Name: Amanda Hardy

31. Olivia Nova (1997 – 2018)
Real Name: Lexi Rose Forte

32. Olivia Lua (1994 – 2018)
Real Name: Olivia Paige Hoffman

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  1. نشر الرذيله والفساد في الارض له عواقب وخيمة وهؤلاء جاهروا بالمعصية والزنا التي تحرمها كل الاديان والشرائع فكانت نهايتهم كما ترون امراض فتاكه وانتحار كآبه ادمان حزن ندم الام تمزق جوف الانسان وشعورهم بان لا قيمة لهم

  2. RIP, Maryam Irene Haley (Haley Paige, Miriam Haley) she lived in the same condominium apartments as i lived in Mission Hills San Fernando Valley (never know she was an adult movie actress)  She was such  beautiful spirit,a nice girl ,but there was something of a a hidden sadness about her. These people below talking trash about the men/women in these videos. I talked to her 100 times and she was such  nice gentle person. To the people talking SHIT BELOW guess what to an absolute certainty i'll wager yer past or family past is just as turbulent.

  3. Megan Serbian's death was too dark, apparently she fell feet first a the 4th story fall onto the roof of a car, that doesn't sound intentional regardless of allegations of her being "high" or opposedly acting "suicidal" from what her associates have said. It's a dead case now (No pun intended) considering it's from 2002, but no way I'm going to believe she didn't get murdered. Ironically enough her mother was diagnosed with cancer and going through it, she died a year after her passing, which just adds up in the end. She's dead & gone but that dark story really gets to me.

  4. Even if you leave the business you will still be on many websites and in DVD's all around the world. There is no "retiring" or "quitting" the business. It will follow you the rest of your life if you are still alive. It can ruin chances for finding a regular job. The money some of Porn Stars make is just too tempting to turn down. Very few leave the industry and are able to live a normal life. It's a horrible business and I wish it would be shut down totally.

  5. Kelly Jean Van Dyke was the daughter of Jerry Van Dyke, brother of celeb Dick. Jerry raped her at 12 years of age and regularly when he drank then pimped her out to his friends famous actors Martin Landau and Robert Mitchum. He threatened her with beatings if she opposed his will, she took sleeping pills to fall asleep if she knew he was drinking and became addicted to them. She said in one of her last interviews she didn't like doing porn and hated life.

  6. There was this girl also who died a while back, I forgot her name but she always always had a blank expression on her face in her videos. She looked like she was not even there and even the actor said something like how she wouldn’t change her expression and be silent. It was eerie. Anyone know who am talking about ?

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