In a seedy guesthouse in Thailand, Adam shows me (on a few miserable pillows) how he transitions thru 9 sexual positions while still being inside the girl.


  1. "you're my new hero" hahaha. Those are good tips, but is easy to do it to a pillow, you could do a 20 positions sequence if you wish, anyone could do it in their own bedrooms, but that doesn't make you a good lover, is never the same to do it with a real girl, most of all because many guys don't last that long. The main thing is to know what she likes, and do it nice and slow, yesterday I gave 3 big ones to my girl: one from behind, one normal, and one oral. And she's fine with that ;o)

  2. what would compel someone to film themselves doing this and risk having their future employer see this? think about it next time you cant figure out why "the other person" got the job and not you.

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