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  1. @MarkE MillerΒ Thank you and Ethan for helping me accept myself for who I am. You guys made me realize that I can be happy being myself than what everyone and everything has deluded me into believing. Im gay, and it wasn't until subscribing to your channel a few days ago that I can say that to myself and not second guess myself or be embarrassed. Labeling myself is not changing anything, when I go back to school tomorrow I'll act the same because being gay is who I am so its not that big of a thing really. Yet I can start loving myself because of just that. I didn't really want to make this public but I wanted people to know what your "silly" videos did for me and hopefully others so thanks again.Β 

  2. Hey y'all. YouTube is chucking the shits apparently. The fine bros and other people have reported uploading videos but their subscribers have been unable to even see them. I would speculate that this is what has happened to Mark and Ethan πŸ™‚

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